Nanotechnology for you, your family and farm industry.

Nanoparticle Illustration

Nanoparticles are spherical, polymeric particles composed of natural or artificial polymers


A nanoparticle is a small particle that ranges between 1 to 100 nanometres in size. Undetectable by the human eye, nanoparticles can exhibit significantly different physical and chemical properties to their larger material counterparts.

Additionally, metal nanoparticles have gained attention for their ability to disrupt biofilm formation and control bacterial infections.

Cytotoxic Silvers

Nano Silver Complex

A small tablet that packs the power to prevent infectious disease

Quality and Safety Assurance

How is this chemistry a better water disinfectant

Nanopure is an organic chlorine releasing agent that, when dissolved in water, releases hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a highly powerful disinfectant. HOCl is the same molecule produced naturally in macrophages to eliminate germs absorbed in our body. NaDCC, the chlorine donor, is an organic molecule. As a result, the majority of it is still HOCl, which is more effective.

How to use

If the water is turbid (dirty looking), first filter through a cloth and then add Nanopure Water Purification tablet(s) Select the tablet size for the volume of water to be treated. Add the tablet to the water and ensure thorough mixing. Wait at least 30 minutes and then enjoy the benefits of safe water.

How Nanopure’s Water Purification tablets treat water

Many water sources throughout the world, even after filtration, remain contaminated and require some form of disinfection. Nanopure enables areas without access to water disinfection systems to benefit from the advantages of chlorination without any infrastructure requirements in a speedy and cost-effective manner. Nanopure tablets are simple to use, easily transported, cost effective and low-income groups.

For over 100 years, chlorination of drinking water has been one of the single most effective means of improving public health in the developing world.

It was with this in mind that our research and development team at Nanopure set out to create a unique product that could offer the benefits of chlorinated water in an easy to use and affordable product. The result — Nanopure`s Water Purification Effervescent Tablets.

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Nanotechnology for you, your family and farm industry

Nanotechnology for you, your family and farm industry.

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